About Us

Clothes Made to Last

We design our pieces taking into account how comfortably chic you need to be, effortlessly.

Our Brand Name

ONE53; I (1) ADORE (5) YOU (3)

ONE53, a numeronym that expresses the brand’s mission; brings you the latest trends with love.

ONE53 is a locally produced Lebanese e-commerce brand known for its distinguished women and menswear collections that are intricately explored through trend forecasting and style research of local and international markets.

The brand’s assortment is diverse and suitable for all occasions ranging from everyday wear to evening wear with various pairable options; Each piece is artfully designed to be paired with another in order to create daring ensembles for all our wearers varied fashion expressions.

Exquisite craftsmanship

We craft our garments with high-quality fabric, perfectly designed details and premium finishing, to suit you inside out.

“With the country’s know-how, we are proud to have a business model that solely depends on the Lebanese craftsmanship that we strongly believe is the core value of the brand”.